The wait is over, my readers. The redesign is finally here!

Admittedly, it’s not much of a redesign. But new features of the site include an updated About section, a Characters tab with a drop-down menu (the drop-down should work, unless you’re a smartphone user), an Archive with two strips in it, and this fabulous background/header!

Some of you may be wondering why it took so long to finish. And really, your skepticism is valid. But the real reason is mostly… the bridge.


This bridge is made possible by about an hour of work, including lots of coloring and structuring.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the new header I’ve placed at the top of the blog! Let me know if there are any issues–like if this post gets too annoying, because you’re looking at the whole picture right next to the cropped one. Or if this post gets in the way of the normal comics at all (that would be bad).

Until the next update, ciao!

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