The Steampunks

I know you’re probably itching for a description, so I’ll get on with the (nonexistent) pleasantries. The boy on the left doesn’t know his own description, let alone his name or how old he is (although we’re assuming late teens); he’s awoken in a vast, steam-powered world with danger around every corner. Oh, and he has quite noticeable cybernetic legs from the knee down, worthy of his nickname “Longlegs”. This only adds to the mystery.

But who would give him this silly nickname, you ask? None other than the girl on the right, who’s survived in the Rift long enough to get her her own name: “Grea” (pronounced “Gree”). It should be obvious from her Rosie the Riveter-esque pose, the wrench in hand and various bandages and grease stains, but to those who haven’t guessed: she’s a mechanic. And an optimist, as clear from her facial expression.

That’ll be it for these new characters from Project STEAMPUNK… for now. But remember that kid from “Keep Running“? Yeah… hate to tell you, but he, one of my oldest and longest-running characters, is currently being reworked into an entirely new series. A new protagonist named Hera will shortly be taking his place in Project LEGEND. More on this as it develops.

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