It’s sort of hard to settle into summer when I have all these posts to write and publish! That, and I have loads of other things to do–I’m taking on two jobs, and I’ve got some major work to do to get my DeviantArt up-to-date. I guess I can’t complain–I’ve sort of forced this  upon myself, so…

Let’s get to the description. What you may not know about my original series The Forging is that it takes many tropes and clichés from classic medieval fairy tales–dragons, beanstalks, and magic–and turns them on their heads. One of these twists sits above this text, clothed in green and leaping away with her crossbow, poised to strike… indeed, Robin of Huud is a nod to the traditional character of Robin Hood. There are some key differences, which you’ve probably already noticed (namely, her skin tone, gender, and ethnic descent). At heart, though, Robin is the same thieving rogue we all know her/him to be… in The Forging, she is just presented in a different way.

A keen-eyed reader might notice that Robin is part of the tribe of Huud–a nomadic group mainly based in the southern portion of The Forging‘s world. Robin is a skilled combatant when armed with ranged weapons–knives, bows, boomerangs and the like–and her good friend Hera can attest to this. Indeed, prior to the events of the story, the two traveled together, with the Huud tribe taking Hera under its wing. Coincidentally, this is how Hera became so skilled with the boomerang (the tribe’s traditional weapon). The Forge, a gathering place for warriors such as these, will undoubtedly be the place of Hera and Robin’s reunion… for better or for worse.

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