8. Faith

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8. Dustlander

Don’t worry, that’s just whiteboard graffiti on the right.

I’d write more, but I’ll save most of the cool trivia about this comic for the “surprise” I mentioned in “More Caricatures!“. I hope you’re as hyped for it as I am!

7. City

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"Yo, can I get a hit of Polar Ice?"

Well, now you all know where I live.

Apologies for the lateness! I’ve had a lot going on, from school to cross country to even figuring out my URL situation (http://dustlander.com/ is still being blocked by my school… shoutout to our tech support team!). Here’s hoping I’ll get my act together and actually draw more soon!

6. Ideas

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1-4 D. GIMP



(Click here for the mobile version!)

Oh, shoot, forget the quirky one-liner description. All I’ve got to say is, WE’RE BACK!!

That, and I also have a few announcements!

  • You read the website’s name above right. The URL’s finally changing to just plain dustlander.com! I’m still working out the kinks and the URL is actually blocked on my school computer, but it’ll all be sorted out in a couple days.
  • Expect comics more frequently than last year! This time I’m starting the comic from the beginning of the school year, so that’s, like, ten times more comics than you guys are used to! Or something.
  • EDIT: Enjoy the new, even more touched-up versions of this comic on all the websites I post on! I’m finally satisfied with the quality of each comic, so I’ll be working on the next one shortly.

Huh. That’s it. Here’s to a great year!

Skeptical Cal

Um, so yeah. I can’t believe I haven’t “officially” posted this yet.

If you’re an avid fan of SaL (of which there are probably two), you might have noted this extraordinary animation hiding in Cal’s character page. But due to a temporary hiatus in comics (oh, stop whining, I’ll post one… sometime) as well as being completely exhausted after finals, it’s now made its appearance as an official post. Hooray!

I’m aware that the motion is a little choppy, but keep in mind that this is my very first foray into the magical world of Disney animation. I’ve got a few ideas for more GIFs and the like (in fact, “3. Mormon” was originally a fully-fledged GIF of Art dancing in his tux and glasses), but my extremely busy schedule is going to put those on hold for the time being. Cal will have to do for now.

4. Friday

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4. Friday

Depends on your definition of “crazy”…

I’m experimenting with some new backgrounds–simpler ones that are easier to draw and don’t draw as much of the eye’s attention. Did I do well? Tell me what you think in the comments, and don’t be afraid to like or follow the blog while you’re at it!



The wait is over, my readers. The redesign is finally here!

Admittedly, it’s not much of a redesign. But new features of the site include an updated About section, a Characters tab with a drop-down menu (the drop-down should work, unless you’re a smartphone user), an Archive with two strips in it, and this fabulous background/header!

Some of you may be wondering why it took so long to finish. And really, your skepticism is valid. But the real reason is mostly… the bridge.


This bridge is made possible by about an hour of work, including lots of coloring and structuring.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy the new header I’ve placed at the top of the blog! Let me know if there are any issues–like if this post gets too annoying, because you’re looking at the whole picture right next to the cropped one. Or if this post gets in the way of the normal comics at all (that would be bad).

Until the next update, ciao!

2. Homecoming

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2. Homecoming

Don’t worry, the poster is plastic-wrapped.

On an unrelated note, expect a website redesign soon! Probably around next week instead of a comic due to the extra work.

EDIT: Sorry! It’s been a while since I posted this. I promise I’m working on the new header for this website, but it’s going to be bit more detailed than I anticipated. Keep twiddling your thumbs and it’ll be done for y’all soon!

1. Compliment

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Deep Thoughts Mode Activate.

So here we are! The first strip of this hopefully successful webcomic. I think I’ll call it “Shenanigans: A Life”… anyway, if there’s any problems with the site, just let me know. I just got started with WordPress, and I still don’t know how it works at all.

Happy reading!