Little Man

I’m back! Did you miss me?

Psych–at the time that you’re reading this, I’m somewhere out in the wilderness doing church things. But I’m currently writing this just after publishing my last post, so I really don’t feel like I’ve gone anywhere.

Compared to my previous redesign, this alteration to Little Man’s original appearance doesn’t seem too substantial. I, too, was pretty sure (at least a few months ago) that the little astronaut’s classic suit and diminutive stature would never change too much. Honestly, they haven’t, but this time around, the space explorer’s previous weapons–two heat-blasting cuffs that would function similar to Iron Man’s repulsors–have been swapped for a larger firearm complete with used ammo blasting out of its chamber. I thought that Little Man, a representative of the United States, could use a larger gun for an even bigger impression. I also think that his size relative to the blaster is quite funny. Is it just me?

I’ve really got to go. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a few days with a continuation of this American theme! (*cough* Fourth of July *cough cough*).

Sagan Pulse

What, a “production cycle” mentioned in this little speed bump? To that, I say ha! This is my website; I can do whatever I want here! (Plus, posting a sketch every three commissions/videos or so agrees with my perfectionism and gives me a lot more flexibility.)

So. This guy. I’ll admit, I got pretty backstory-intense back in my description of The Forging‘s Edward. In an effort to keep things brief–I can feel my homework load crawling on my back–I’ll keep things mind-bogglingly-simple. Ready? Go.

Sagan is a father of three, trying his hand at survival sometime in… oh, the twenty-second century? We’re honestly not too sure. It’s the world of Moon Man, in any case. He can be quite charasmatic, letting his magnificent beard do most of the talking–yet internally, he struggles with the loss of his late wife and the burden of fatherhood during a most dangerous time. He wants nothing more than to leave his planet, Tellus, in an attempt to recolonize the abandoned network of space stations that drifts above it… and yet, his duty is, first and foremost, as a father. Will he get the opportunity to bring his children to a better place, or remain confined to his irradiated planet forever? I’m pretty sure you all know the answer to that one.

I’d like to close by apologizing for my lazy work schedule over the past few months. I’ve made enough excuses, and I’m not sure I can even make it up to y’all. But I’ll certainly try. Thanks for understanding!

Back to Back

Little Man, the vertically challenged astronaut to your left, may look lively and adventurous (especially with that groovy ’60s-style jetpack), but up until now his life has been relatively boring–trapped in cryostasis up on the celestial object they call the Moon. In fact, that’s not all he’s been trapped in; the mechanics of his spacesuit forbid him from exiting it (otherwise the outside pressure would kill him). Another fun fact: that’s the least of his problems. He and the rest of Earth are facing a coming apocalypse and the prophesied Final War, and someone a little smaller might need to face danger for once.

To juxtapose against Little Man’s minor size, his series, “Moon Man”, features a few hulking characters such as the weighty marauder to your left–Jug, probably short for “Juggernaut”. Not much is known about this formidable space hunter, but his rad flaming paint job (not to mention the real flames coming from his wrists) is enough to silence most questions in an instant or two.

So! This is the first sketch here on To be clear, I’ve been drawing on paper since I was about three (scratch that, my mom says it’s one-and-a-half), so drawings like this are no strangers to me. I’m just happy to finally get this one posted after a whole month of crazy business (Trek, Scout Camp, family reunion(s), etc.). I have loads of these sketches ready to go, and the scanner is finally working, so expect LOTS of updates in the coming weeks (at least, when I’m not at Driver’s Ed…!).