Hera Redesign

Forgive me if this post is a little brief–Cal’s been waiting to watch Inception with me for ages and tonight happens to be the night.

Anywho, I’m happy to introduce the first of multiple character redesigns I have planned over the summer. Here we see the mischievous Hera, dressed in the garb of a rogue (though her torn dress implies that she’s seen some danger recently). Despite her harmless appearance as a traveling minstrel, she’s actually one of the deadliest fighters around–the problem is, she has trouble wielding the sword that she so subtly hides here. Give her a boomerang any day, and she’ll knock the next guy’s head off. But a sword? Even the sword of her father? It’s a wonder she can even fumble her way through a single battle.

I really do have to go, but for those of you who are wondering, the armor from Hera’s first appearance isn’t going anywhere. This post simply shows her near the beginning of her journey in The Forging, when she hasn’t yet gathered any pieces of her father’s armor quite yet. In time, she’ll gain confidence in the suit and face off against champions from across the land in it; for now, though, her redesign leaves her vulnerable and agile as I originally intended her to be.

That’ll be it! Ciao!

Hera Runde

Meet Hera Runde, the new protagonist of my fantasy project, The Forging. I’ve been working on said project for about six years now–since I was nine or ten–but she’s actually a remarkably new addition to the series, despite being the main character and all.

I won’t spoil too much, but a decade ago, Hera’s parents and best friend were tragically killed when their village was attacked by thieves. Luckily, Hera’s been training all her life to protect the weak from such fates, and she’s finally got a lead on to who caused the deaths in the first place. Donning her father’s prized suit of armor, she’s ready to enter the Forge, a championship of warriors held every hundred years, and avenge her family once and for all. Will fate guide her on her quest? Only time will tell.