Edward Goodfellow

The figure above prefers to be unknown, unnamed and unseen by anyone, though his trademark pointed cap would say otherwise. Sporting a tattered cloak, rickety wand and many a cracked potion bottle, one could consider him a self-taught wizard of sorts–but there’s more to the boy than it may first seems. Intriguingly enough, he did not always believe in magic.

That’s right–a decade ago, a man named Edward Goodfellow lived in an obscure village alongside a young Hera. Edward, whose parents were “magicians” (really entertainers), lived by a strictly non-magical code and despised any mention of the supernatural. Upon the destruction of the town by bandits, the nineteen-year-old boy received a fatal blow and was sent lifelessly tumbling into the village well. He was never seen again.

Until now, of course. Though he ignores any mention of his name or his past, Edward is certainly back, searching for what he calls “clues” or “anomalies”. It’s up to the newly-christened Steele to investigate the new Goodfellow’s origins and to persuade him to join her on her quest of vengeance. Whether he intends to participate in the fast-approaching Forging, though, has yet to be seen.